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Meet The Maker: Anna Lebrija

From one-of-a-kind treasures, decor designed by Lizzie herself, and hand-picked homewares from artisans around the globe – this year’s Fortune Finds Shop might just be our best one yet. New this year, we are so excited to carry Anna Lebrija’s handmade ceramics all the way from Mexico City. Meet the makers behind the find and learn more about this mother-daughter duo and their incredibly chic tea and coffee wares.


I am a “—” and I am passionate about “—”

  I am an “industrial designer and ceramicist” and I am passionate about "coffee, art, and design."

How did you and your mom start working together?

Actually, I began by working with my mom first. She is an excellent painter specialized in Porcelain overglaze painting and had her own business dedicated to do exclusive artworks for clients. I loved to help her out in her different projects till one day we happily ended up designing our own collection of items for the home that we thought could help people disconnect, take a time to breath and be present, enjoy a cup of coffee and forge meaningful connections with your loved ones.


What’s your favorite piece that you create?

The French Press! For me, taking time to brew my coffee every day is my "special moment of self-love". It has become part of my morning routine and it helps me start my day fully energized  for the challenges of running a company.


Tell us a fun fact about ceramics/your process!

I find it fascinating how every glaze color has its own personality and reacts differently to heat. At work, we even laugh about this! We say things like "Oh, I'm applying the red glaze that turns out blue" or "The opaque glaze that comes out with spots". We also talk about glazes as though they were people with feelings, such as" the Caribbean glaze is not in the mood today, let's try again tomorrow!"


What’s your favorite decor item in your home and why?

I love jars and flowerpots! I feel your choice of decor reflects your own personality. Another personal favorite: plates! For me, it levels up the presentation in everything you cook!


What accessory can’t you live without?

Can't leave the house without wearing earrings and my wedding ring!




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