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Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is made to last, and with the proper care you can keep your pieces looking great for years. All items purchased on are covered under our 2-year warranty.

24k Gold-Plated Brass

While we’re known for our mixed-medium designs, featuring a myriad of stones and materials, the main component of our costume jewelry is 24k-gold plated brass. Store in a cool, dry place, and avoid exposure to excessive humidity or sunlight. Gently wipe clean with a soft cloth and avoid getting your plated pieces wet.

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Solid 14k Gold

A little TLC can keep your 14k gold looking beautiful. If the patina is starting to look worn or dirty, lightly scrub your 14k gold piece with a toothbrush and warm water. Rinse away any residue and dry with a soft cloth to maintain a shiny surface.

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Freshwater & Mother-of-Pearl

We only use natural pearls in our designs, resulting in beautiful variation between each of our pieces. Allow fragrances and cosmetics to dry completely before wearing your pearl pieces, as their luster may be dulled by exposure to soap, chemicals, or lotions. Gently clean with a soft, damp cloth to remove any residues. Store separately from other jewelry to prevent surface scratches and avoid storing in plastic which will cause pearls to yellow over time.

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We use natural, untreated turquoise from a variety of mines. Natural turquoise is very porous. Avoid contact with heat, lotions, and cosmetics which can cause surface discoloration. Gently clean with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use cleaning agents or ultrasonic cleaners. Note: the natural oils of your skin will cause unstabilized turquoise to turn slightly green over time - a sign of lots of good wear!

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Opals are soft and porous so, over time, oil from the skin can darken or yellow their color. To keep them looking new and lustrous, keep your opals dry and avoid prolonged contact with lotions, cleaners, or perfumes. To refresh their color, wash them with unscented soap and let them dry under a light bulb or the sun for an hour.

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Semiprecious & Precious Stones

Hard, semiprecious stones like amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, quartz, and sapphire can be cleaned with warm soapy water using a brush and dried with a soft cloth. For soft, porous semiprecious stones such as pearls, opals, emeralds, amber, coral, onyx, and agate, avoid water cleaning to prevent discoloration. Also, minimize contact with lotions, cleaners, or perfumes to preserve their luster. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaning for all semi-precious stones, as these methods may cause damage. Avoid exposing them to high heat.

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Some of our most classic, editorial pieces are made of resin. Handle with care and be careful not to drop these, as resin is delicate and easy to break.

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Flameworked Glass

When putting on or taking off your glass pieces, do so carefully over a soft surface. Glass jewelry is resilient and can handle exposure to water and both hot and cold temperatures, but is susceptible to breakage if dropped. Clean with a damp, soft cloth and dry thoroughly.

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