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Mom’s The Word: Sherri McMullen & Her Sisters

Celebrating women, it’s what we’re good at! And with Mother’s Day JUST around the corner, we couldn’t help but take this opportunity to honor the women responsible for *first* accessorizing and shaping the ladies who champion our line. Mom’s The Word is a series of short interviews that take a closer look at our favorite relationship, that between mother and daughter (or any empowering female bond for that matter).

Your Name, Your Sisters’ Name:

MLA: My name is Maria “Lisa” Mustin.  I am the eldest sister of Sherri McMullen, whom I named when she was born. I knew she would be something special when our mom conceived her at a late age in her forties.

TD: Tia Daniel, the middle sister to our youngest and passionate, hardworking, dedicated and visionary sister, Sherri McMullen.

The best advice one of your sisters or maternal influences has ever given you:

SM: Make sure that whatever you do in life, take time to nurture your mind and spirit. We grew up watching our mother take time for herself by meditating every day. We knew it was her space and we respected that.

MLA: The best advice I have given, I believe, was to Sherri when I told her to "be the best at what you do," and no one can take that away from you. You are in control of your life and your destiny.

TD: I think all of us live by this: Do not worry about what you can’t control. Do your best and God will do the rest. Pray and trust that!



In what ways do people tell you that you’re like your late mother or late grandmothers (style cues or otherwise)?

SM: My mother, grandmother and aunts were all very stylish women. My mother wore scarves or cool head-wraps, printed dresses, high waisted pants, great handbags and always lipstick.

MLA: Growing up, our mom had a flair for fashion. She had her own dressing room in our home which was painted black and was decorated with gold mirrors, candles, and a fuschia shag carpet. Her closet was filled with clothes from Rothchild’s (which is now Dillards), Streets and John A Browns. She always wore heels, whether it was a sandal, a pump or a house-shoe. Our grandmother (maternal) always had on fancy headwraps and stunning jewelry. Our mom set the trends for her children. I remember wearing suits at a basketball game to go see another sister play. Our mother always wanted her girls to look sophisticated and classy.

TD: My mother was very loving, caring and compassionate. She believed part of her purpose was to help others and she lived that out. Sherri and all us siblings have definitely adopted that mantra. My mother was synonymous with LOVE.

What is one trend you think your mama would rock today?

SM: Silk head-wraps.

MLA: I think my mom would rock any of McMullen’s clothing so well because Sherri’s style is influenced by our mom's. I can see her in a fancy flared jumpsuit with strappy sandals (for play) or a stunning white suit with a ruffled top (for business).

TD: Definitely all of McMullen’s clothing. The colors, the vests, the boots, and all the cutting edge looks. My mother and grandmother were really avant-garde and very fashion forward.



How has having sisters influenced your style? 

MLA: I occasionally ask my husband, "Do you think Sherri would approve of this look?" I normally don’t wear belts because of my body type, but lately, after having seen Sherri wear belts around jackets (which I absolutely love) I have given it a go. I try to mix patterns because polka dots can make stripes look appealing if you do it right. HA!

TD: When I am getting a lot of compliments on my outfits, it is because I am wearing something from McMullen. And people say – uh huh this is from your sister Sherri’s store, right? And they are spot on! Sherri will generally give me options as she knows my taste and body style and “dresses me” even though I am in Texas! And then I can step out with a beautiful outfit from McMullen!

How has having a child changed your style?

TD: My style has changed over the years and Sherri understands it. I am a lawyer so I started wearing fairly conservative clothing. As times have changed and become more flexible with clothing styles and business casual policies, I have loosened up and have fun with clothing. I do more with colors at Sherri’s wise advice. And I have classy outfits for an evening out with my husband.  I don’t have her fashion sense but I am blessed to have her as a sister and only a phone call, text or Facebook call away!


Is there an item in one of your sister’s closets you most want to steal (if you haven’t already)?

MLA: Yes, but if I say, they may hide it from me! ;)

TD: UHHH – so much to choose from so it's hard to narrow. With that said, I’d take most anything! But recently, I purchased some BAD red ankle thigh-high boots from McMullen after I saw Sherri in a picture in the same red thigh-high boots! I am coveting those a bit!

What is your idea of the perfect Mother’s Day?

SM: Time with my son at the beach and also a little mommy time at the spa to enjoy a hot stone massage.

MLA: A day with my two sons, since they both live on opposite sides of the spectrum. Taking a walk through a beautiful park, arm in arm, while we laugh and talk after having a scrumptious brunch and on our way to a play.

TD: A day with my family unit of my husband, sons, nieces, and family in general. I don’t care what we are doing but having a good meal definitely helps! Just being thankful for quality time together. My son is in college now away from home. I miss him dearly. My niece is in college and she is in good hands with Aunt Sherri!

Favorite activity to do with your son:

SM: My son loves sea animals so a day at the beach or a visit to an aquarium is a fun-filled day.

In what ways is your son like you?

SM: He loves being by the water.



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