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Fortune Finds - Tabletop

Fortune Finds: Tabletop

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Vaso Chico in Saffron. Short cup made of handblown yellow glass.Wooden bar tray holds assorted colorful handblown glasses and pitcher.
Vaso Chico in Saffron Sale price$18
Ribbon Motif Napkin. Square folded with pink and blue print on whiteColourful tables cape with vintage vases, napkins and bowl of holiday ornaments
Ribbon Motif Napkin Sale price$14
Woven Rope Placemat in Copper. Banana fiber mat in light tan.
Bowl Bottom in Tangerine Ice. Hand-made stoneware rounded vase with earth-toned glazes.Bowl Bottom in Tangerine Ice sits beside orange flower bouquet atop printed blue and white fabric, on wooden dining table.
Vaso Chico in Amber. Hand-blown recycled glass low cup, with amber-colored swirls and imperfect shape.Vaso Chico in Amber holds ice cube and drink, sits on white tray with peeled orange.
Vaso Chico in Amber Sale price$18
Veggie Brush. Oval brush with light yellow and brown bristles and beechwood handle.Veggie Brush sits on wood cutting board with Pot and Pan Brush and brass watering can, with window in background.
Veggie Brush Sale price$17
Deep Bowl. Hand-painted blue and white patterned ceramic bowl.Tablescape scattered with napkins, blue glasses, flowers and Deep Bowl filled with colorful ornaments.
Deep Bowl Sale price$98
Woven Rope Placemat in Aqua Stripe. Banana fiber mat in natural with light green center stripe.Overhead tablescape with placemat, jewelry, colored glasses, and bread bowl.
Vaso Chico in Bristol Green. Short cup made of handblown light green glass.Colorful tablescape with hand holding a drink in the Vaso Chico in Bristol Green cup.
Vaso Chico in Bristol Green Sold out Sale price$18
Large Dipped Bowl. Terra-cotta-colored stoneware shallow bowl with white and aqua interior glaze and irregular ridged rim.Large Dipped Bowl in side profile.
Large Dipped Bowl Sale price$180
Mini Orb Vase. Small round stoneware vessel with dark chrome glaze and cork stopper. Grouping of Mini Orb Vase with other stoneware vessels, pitchers, and pots with aloe plants.
Mini Orb Vase Sale price$70
Brass-Handled Service Tray. Rectangular tray in black ebonized oak with copper inlay and brass handles.
Wheat Dish Towel in Gold. Light grey cotton dish towel with varying yellow stripes and white fringe. Dish towels with Wooden Salad Servers laid on top, on grey stone.
Carafe in Latte. Beige stoneware beverage carafe.
Carafe in Latte Sold out Sale price$65
Mug in Latte. Beige ceramic mug with rounded shape.Two Mugs in Latte, stacked on top of each other.
Mug in Latte Sale price$35
Medium White Casserole. Handmade stoneware dish with gloss finish interior and two handles.
Vaso Mediano in New White.  Hand-blown recycled glass medium white cup.Blue and green tablescape with placemats, glasses, vintage vases and Vaso in New White.
Nattlight Large Candlestick. Polished brass with circle base, extra long thin stem, and sleek top holder.Warm-toned tablescape with Nattlight Large Candlestick and red candle.

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