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Model on blue sky beach wears Pescado Earrings and Ring.

Spring/Summer '24 Collection

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Monument Ring in Red Hot. Red domed glass set with faceted citrine, lemon quartz, and turquoise cabochons.Close-up of hands at the beach featuring Monument Ring in Red Hot paired with other chunky colorful rings.
Monument Ring in Red Hot

Available in 6 colors

Sale price$250
Vizcaya Necklace in Surf. Gold chain, freshwater pearl, sunstone, amazonite, neon apatite, aquamarine, opal, and zircon.Close-up of model wearing the Vizcaya Necklace in Surf with the Granada Earrings.
Vizcaya Necklace in Surf

Available in 2 colors

Sale price$460
Beaded Reef Necklace. Lemon quartz, dotted peridot, pink opal, green glass, red coral, pearl, and gold-plated brass.Model wearing the Beaded Reef Necklace paired with the Rosado Necklace and red chunky star-shaped earrings.
Beaded Reef Necklace Sale price$435
Ridge Cuff in Marbled Aquamarine. Thin Domed cuff bracelet in a marbled aqua-hued resin.Model wearing Ridge Cuff in Marbled Aquamarine paired with Ridge and Arc Cuffs in Lime and Organic Hoops in Turquoise.
Ridge Cuff in Marbled Aquamarine

Available in 8 colors

Sale price$115
Mistflower Necklace in Apple. Multicolored necklace made of stones, wood, pearls, quartz and semiprecious amazonite.Close-up of model on the beach wearing Mistflower Necklace with Tile Earrings in Pale Pink.
Camilo Stud Earrings in Persimmon. Gold-plated brass and red enamel with semiprecious green amethyst centre stones.Model at the beach wearing Camilo Stud Earrings in Persimmon paired with Beaded Reef Necklace and Rosado Necklace.
Acacia earrings. Acacia wood hoop earrings with gold-plated brass studs.Model at the beach wearing Acacia earrings with gold studs and a chunky necklace.
Acacia Earrings in Gold Stud Sold out Sale price$220
Ernesto Earrings in Red Hot. Gold-plated brass painted with cream and tomato red enamel.Close-up of model wearing the Ernesto Earrings in Red Hot.
Porto Chain. Gold-plated brass necklace chain with oversized abstract bean-shaped links.Model on grey background wearing Porto Chain with Porto Pendent in Mother-of-pearl and Pearl Pablo Earrings.
Porto Chain Sale price$275
Mini Arp Earrings in Studded Gold. Gold-plated abstract teardrop earrings inlaid with pink amethyst and citrine stones.Mini Arp Earrings in Studed Gold with Treasure Trove Necklace.
Mini Arp Earrings in Studded Gold

Available in 2 colors

Sale price$220
Wide Georgia Belt in Woven Java and Silver. Wide, woven dark brown leather belt with a rhodium-plated brass buckle.Close-up of model on grey background wearing the Wide Georgia Belt in Woven Java and Silver.
Wide Georgia Belt in Woven Java and Silver

Available in 7 colors

Sale price$250

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