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Mom's The Word: Hannah Kelly & Her Mama

Celebrating women, it’s what we’re good at, and with Mother’s Day JUST around the corner, we couldn’t help but take this opportunity to honor the women responsible for *first* accessorizing and shaping the ladies who champion our line. Mom’s The Word is a series of short interviews that take a closer look at our favorite relationship, that between mother and daughter (or any empowering female bond for that matter).

Hannah on Her Mama:

Your Name, Your Mom’s Name:

HK: Hannah Kelly, Lori Kelly

In what ways are you like your mother?

HK: I'm a perfectionist and a pleaser to a fault. My mom is most happy when she serves others and will go above and beyond to do so.

How has your mother influenced your style?

HK: Borrowing from the boys. My mom loved 90’s Meg Ryan and Diane Keaton - a good suit, white tee, button-down, wide leg pant, blazers galore. I would show up to a middle school mixer wearing a button down and reluctantly a skirt, alongside my girlfriends who would be in cute dresses.

Items in your mom's closet you most want to steal (if you haven't already!):

HK: Her Versace suit from the 90’s. Think Demi Moore.

What They're Wearing: 


Best beauty tip from your mom?

HK: Keep it natural. My mom has the most beautiful, youthful face and doesn’t wear much makeup. Our mutual best friend: a well-matched concealer.

Favorite dish your mom cooks:

HK: Charlie Bird Farro Salad. My husband, Claudio, shared the recipe with her nearly 2 years ago from the New York Times and you can guarantee to find it in the fridge every time you step into the house if not on the dinner table.

An item you wished your mom had kept for you:

HK: 60’s Juliet dress

Does your mom have a signature piece of jewelry?

HK: A Patek Philippe nautilus watch that my dad gave to her.



Lori on Her Daughter:

Your Name, Your Daughter’s Name:

LK: Lori Kelly, Hannah Kelly.

Favorite activity to do with your daughter?

LK: As we have grown together - shopping for clothing or furniture is fun (either chatting online or in person).

How do your children inspire your work?

LK: Their grit, tenacity, creativity, resilience, along with their desire to keep learning are all inspirations.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given on Mother’s Day?

LK: Every Mother’s Day was special while my children were younger, but their visits home (now as adults) are the most special. Time is precious.

Then & Now: 


In what ways is your daughter like you?

LK: Perfectionism - we’re definitely on the same page!

Item in your closet you hope your daughter will someday want to wear:

LK: My Versace suit (still very ‘90s - but gorgeous!)

How has having children changed your style?

LK: I loved my free spirit and style in the 70’s and 80’s, but my style changed with pregnancies and “growing up.” Sometimes being so practical needs to change! So, for changing style, I am grateful that my girls encourage a fresh and more confident style as I mature with them.

Which are you more likely to wear: Statement Earrings or Statement Necklace?

LK: Statement Necklace.

Your favorite outfit that your daughter wore as a kid:

LK: Her strawberry dress and always her Hanna Andersson multi-color hightop sneakers.



Do you exchange gifts on Mother’s Day? Do you expect gifts on Mother’s Day?

HK: It’s more about a nice day together nowadays. I’ll take the train down from NYC to surprise her in Philadelphia or she’ll come up. A nice brunch, laughs, and maybe a little shopping.

What advice do you have for someone when thinking about what to get their mom for mother's day?

HK: Go see the woman!

What are you gifting your mother this mother’s day?

HK: A visit

What is one thing your mother would absolutely have in her home?

HK: Chic set of napkins, she loves to entertain! I love the Berry Leaf or Cobalt Blossom napkins from Fortune Finds.



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