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Mom's The Word: Ro Agents-Juska & Her Mama

Celebrating women, it’s what we’re good at (who remembers Friends For 10?) and with Mother’s Day JUST around the corner, we couldn’t help but take this opportunity to honor the women responsible for *first* accessorizing and shaping the ladies who champion our line. Mom’s The Word is a series of short interviews that take a closer look at our favorite relationship, that between mother and daughter (or any empowering female bond for that matter).



Ro on Her Mama:


RAJ: Ro Agents-Juska, Rosalie Agents.

In what ways are you most like your mother?

RAJ: We both love our family fiercely. We are incredibly strong-willed women with equally strong-willed children (haha).

In what ways has your mother influenced your style?

RAJ: I have always seen my mother as the greatest beauty I have known. I am 14 + 15 years younger than my two sisters, and as a young girl I was enamored by their beauty and confidence, which was an extension of hers. She always looked so chic and in control, but in such a carefree and effortless way. I think subconsciously her style taught me a lot about how I wanted to be seen and perceived in this world.

Items in your mom's closet you most want to steal:

RAJ: I’ve stolen so much! I really love the coat my Dad gave my Mom on her 30th birthday, it’s this long grey leather trench with these amazing clasps and a giant hood. Ooh and also another jacket...this purple raincoat she wore while she was pregnant with me. I wore it the other day and the twins both literally said “Mama, I love your new purple rain jacket”, and it was really cool because I was able to tell him, “It’s not new!” and give the history of the coat.

Best beauty tip from your mom:

RAJ: Hot wash cloths and red lipstick.

Is shopping with your mom "loads of fun" or "a little stressful"?

RAJ: Haha, well when we shop alone its loads of fun.  Lately, we’ve been accompanied by at least two small humans which can be a tad stressful. 

The piece(s) you wish your mom had kept for you:

RAJ: She had many amazing Kimonos.  She still has a few of her favorite that were gifts from my father.   

What is one thing your mother would absolutely have in her home (from the Lizzie Fortunato Fortune Finds section):

RAJ: She would go crazy for the Lily Candlestick.

Favorite Mother's Day gift to receive:

RAJ: Truly there is nothing that makes me happier than a day with my family. Mother's Day, birthdays; The best gift is always a day with my boys (Kenan included). 

What advice do you have for someone thinking of what to get as a gift for Mother's Day?

RAJ: While ultimately I believe quality time together is the most important gift for your mother, I also know that with motherhood comes a lot of practical decision making on a daily basis, which can really wear you down.  I think gifts that feel luxurious are important from time to time. I always try to gift my mom something she would never splurge on, something extra gorgeous and chic. 



Rosalie on Her Daughter:


RA: Rosalie Agents, Ro Agents-Juska.

Favorite activity to do with your daughter:

AJ: Cooking and eating with our family. 

In what ways is your daughter like you?

AJ: We are both passionate,  and really committed to our family and friends. We don’t hold back when we talk to each other…we speak our mind’s very freely. Ro was the youngest by 14 years, so we had a lot of alone time together when she was little so I must have rubbed off on her a bit ;-)

Trend you'd most like to see come back (or go away)?

AJ: I am not a fan of the never-ending trend of pre-ripped holes in new clothing (Ro: It’s true, She literally gags when she sees them in the store).



Your favorite outfit that your daughter wore as a kid?

AJ: Ro had this cute little white,  two-piece cropped shirt and shorts… It was so sweet. I just saw a photo the other day of her wearing it while fishing on her grandparent's canal when she was about 7. 

How has having children changed your style?

AJ: Only in the best ways! I’ve always loved fashion, even as a young mom with three little ones at home, I always took pride in the way I dressed. Having three girls and a very stylish son always kept me up to date. I also adore shopping with my girls, so to answer another question, shopping with Ro is “loads of fun.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given on Mother’s Day?

AJ: I love the energy in the room when the whole family is over for dinner. We have a big, loud, funny group of people…The kids, and the grandkids, and now the great grandkids…it gives me life.



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